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2nd Grade (Pee Wee) Basketball Clinic begins in early December and runs through early March.  It is a ten week program that will be held at Mohansic from 8:30am - 9:30am.  

There will be NO Pee Wee basketball on the following dates due to school closings: (TBD).

Your child does NOT need to bring a basketball to this program.

Thank you... and ENJOY!

The Pee Wee program introduces 2nd graders to basketball in a clinic format. 


The players attend one session each week on Saturday mornings and are taught the basics of dribbling and shooting through “fun” drills. 


The players use a “child sized” basketball and play on 9-foot hoops. 


The first half of the session is devoted to drills, while the second half is used for informal “games”. 


The players are divided up into 4 teams each week, so two “games” can be played simultaneously. 


Since there are no formal teams, the teams change from week to week.