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The YAC sponsors Travel Basketball Teams in addition to the In-House Program, for boys in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  Each team is enrolled in the Tri-County Basketball League (TCBL) and / or the Brewster Tri-State Basketball Super League (TSBSL) and plays regular season games from November through March.  Teams also participate in tournaments during the season, as well as year-end playoffs based on performance.

The YAC Travel Basketball Program offers participants age appropriate competitive basketball.  Tryouts are held in October before a group of evaluators selected by the YAC.  Teams typically have between 10 and 13 players, one Head Coach, and one or more Assistant Coaches.

Practices are held at least one night each week and games are played based on gym availability.   There is usually one week night game and at least one game on weekend afternoons.  Travel teams can play between 25 - 40 games, including tournaments. 

In the past, the cost per player has been between $325 - $425.  This includes gym time, referees and league participation fees.  Games are played in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.  Some of our teams have traveled farther and have participated in overnight tournaments as far away as Springfield, MA. and Baltimore, MD. 

Participants in the Travel Program may opt to play in the In-House Program to further develop their skills and knowledge of the game.  Players in the Travel Program are not required to participate in the In-House Program.

Our travel teams follow the TCBL player eligibility rules below:

Team Definition:  All players participating on a Tri-County Basketball League (TCBL) team must be an eligible player within the team definitions as stated below:
Town team - Players must reside within the geographical boundaries of the same town
School district team - Players must reside within the geographical boundaries of the same public school district