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From the Building and Fields Office:  

All future field closures will be posted on the Master Calendar on the main page of the schools' web site.

Please follow these directions to find the web postings for all field closures.  

Go to the schools' web page at:  www.yorktown.org

On the right hand side of the screen will be an area marked "Master Calendar".

Click on the calendar.

Go to Thanksgiving Day, 11/23/2017.

Inside the date box will be a posted entitled "Field Closure - Test."  This is a sample of all future field postings.

All closures will be posted directly onto the master calendar.  

It will be the responsibility of the "User" to check the web site for daily closures.  

Fields may be closed for maintenance and for reasons other than foul weather - please check the calendar daily.  

Your help is needed to ensure that all field closure information is shared with the community at large.  

Please ask coaches and club members to check the web site before leaving for practices and games.  

If the coaches and players check the calendar before each practice, good habits will be formed and together we will be able to preserve the quality of our fields.

Trish Harris
Building and Fields Manager
Yorktown Central School District