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The Bantam program introduces 3rd and 4th graders to basketball in a team format. 


Each player attends a short evaluation before the season, and is assigned to a team by the commissioner.  This is done to ensure that teams are balanced.


Each team has a head coach and in some cases an assistant coach. 


The players (8 to 10 per team) attend practice one weeknight each week where they are taught the basics of basketball (dribbling, shooting,  defense, etc.). 


One-hour games are played once a week on Saturdays. 


The players use a 28.5" basketball, 10-foot hoops and play on full-courts at Brookside and Crompond Schools. 


The games are intended to introduce the players to basketball, through the use of referees, but fouls are not kept.


In keeping with the instructional nature of the league, there are no playoffs in the Bantam Division.